Re: le junla zbasu

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Paragraph 1

… the maid was careless and since a month, the water stood unchanged.

Looks like that phrase was left untranslated.

i ca lo xa moi ke clani solnanca cu tolcanci fa ko'a goi lo tcecmada'u poi naldu'i se menli

I'm not sure that {naldu'i} is sufficient to translate Stevenson's "unrivalled", which carries the connotation of "unrivalled and superior". Maybe {mutce zmadu}?

Paragraph 2

i lo tcecmada'u po'u la niuton

This seemed to me to say that the animalcule was named Newton, while I reckon Stevenson was using "Newton" as a metaphor for "premier scientist". This leads me to suggest something like {lo me la niuton tcecmada'u}.

Paragraph 3

i no da mleca fi lo ka jetnu se jarco i no da mleca fi lo ka lakne

It seems to me that if "proved" is {jetnu se jarco}, then "provable" is {jetnu se jarco se kakne}. Or something.

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