le junla zbasu

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> Re: le junla zbasu
> Paragraph 1

the maid was careless and since a month, the water stood unchanged.

> Looks like that phrase was left untranslated.

Yes. The truth is I first translated it from a Spanish translation (I
did not have
the original at hand at the time), which did not include the "since a month",
and when I later did check with the original I could not easily fit it
in the Lojban
and decided to leave it out:

lo lumci selfu na kurji gi'e na gasnu lo nu basti

The proper place for {ze'a lo masti} would be right before the {na}, but that's
ungrammatical. After {gasnu} it is grammatical but logically wrong.
So I had to change it to something like {gi'e gasnu ze'a lo masti na ku ...}
which I didn't like so I finally decided not to include it.

i ca lo xa moi ke clani solnanca cu tolcanci fa ko'a goi lo tcecmada'u poi naldu'i se menli

> I'm not sure that {naldu'i} is sufficient to translate Stevenson's "unrivalled", which carries the connotation of "unrivalled and superior". Maybe {mutce zmadu}?

I don't know, I think "unequal" in the relevant sense is enough.

> Paragraph 2

i lo tcecmada'u po'u la niuton

> This seemed to me to say that the animalcule was named Newton, while I reckon Stevenson was using "Newton" as a metaphor for "premier scientist". This leads me to suggest something like {lo me la niuton tcecmada'u}.

You're absolutely right. I was misled by the Spanish translation, which had
"el animalnculo Newton" instead of "el Newton animalnculo" which would
have been a much better match for the English. I should have noticed that
when I read the English, but I didn't. I'll change it as you suggest.

> Paragraph 3

i no da mleca fi lo ka jetnu se jarco i no da mleca fi lo ka lakne

> It seems to me that if "proved" is {jetnu se jarco}, then "provable" is {jetnu se jarco se kakne}. Or something.

This one can again be blamed on the Spanish (Sp. "probable" can be either
"proveable" or "probable"), but this time I had noticed it and didn't change it
anyway, just because. I guess I will change it though.

ki'e sai mi'e xorxes