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> Not directly on the issue but related: does Lojban have the means to combine
> a number of parameters into a single sumti?

One means is non-logical connectives:

A joi B the mass with components A and B
A ce B the set with elements A and B
A ce'o B the sequence with elements A and B in order
A sece'o B the sequence with elements B and A in order
A jo'u B A and B considered jointly
A fa'u B A and B respectively
A sefa'u B B and A respectively
A jo'e B the union of sets A and B
A ku'a B the intersection of sets A and B
A pi'u B the cross product of sets A and B
A sepi'u B the cross product of sets B and A

(And I think there's an additional unspecified connective missing
from this list from CLL. {ju'e}?)

> For some of the uses of distance
> cmavo as sumti tcita, the natural sumti has to be a number of points: 10 in
> the case of spatio-temporals, down to 2 for one-dimensionals. To be sure, we
> usually have a shorthand, "Europe in the 20s" say or "Route 66," but do we
> have a device for the general case, for 48:12:52N x 140:15:37E and all the
> multiples of that sort of thing?

Maybe something along the lines of:
{tu'i li 48pi'e12pi'e52 poi berti ku'a li 140pi'e15pi'e37 poi stuna}

But I don't think we have devised a general convention yet.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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