BPFK Section: Distance

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> If it's decided that we need/want a place to mark a distance, would it be at
> all possible to treat ZI/VA more like BAI, and add place tags to it?

That's what I propose here:
Internal grammar of tags.

> That
> is, {vu} would preserve its current meaning of "A long way from" while {sevu}
> would mark the (long) distance. We could even use {tevu} for the old "yonder
> at" meaning.

That would correspond to an underlying selbri such as:
"x1 is the reference point a distance x2 from x3 where x4 occurs".

My current proposal gives the underlying selbri as:
"x1 is the distance between x2 and x3".

This does not let you use {tevu} for "yonder at...", but
"yonder at..." is simply {vubu'u}, so the additional place
is not really needed.

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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