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Colossal Cave Image ImageNick Nicholas translated the text of Colossal Cave in 1991. Robin Lee Powell has heroically translated that translation into a working game.

Main Page - installation and Inform Localization files to make your own Lojbanic IF

Colour Bind(external link) Image Colour Bind is a physics platform-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not by mass, but by colour.
Lindar Greenwood

Minecraft(external link) Image Image ImageMinecraft is a creative exploration game where you pick and place blocks to build worlds. Lindar has contributed a community translation of Minecraft, which is easy to download and install. Unfortunately, we've been yet unsuccessful in getting the attention of the developers to enable Lojban input on Minecraft's public translation website(external link). Give them a shout!

CraftLang(external link) is a minecraft server oriented specifically at conlangs. Though the most popular language on it is Toki Pona, Lojban has a growing presence as well. Come and build!
Lindar Greenwood

vim filetype plugin(external link) Image Convenient word-list lookup, auto-lujvoification, and other useful things.
Martin Bays
lojban-mode(external link) Image Syntax highlighting and other support code for emacs.
Michele Bini
jbofacki(external link) Image A jbofihe/camxes CLI shell with Tab-completion of valsi and rafsi, colorized word lookups by literal name or string, etc. Intended for increased fun in exploring the construction of Lojban texts/sentences; also useful as a aid to memory (mi'e la kampu). Requires Python 2.5+, and currently also makfa-cli(external link) for generation + update of dictionary data.
David Gowers
Prolog Tools Image Implements some predicates related to Lojban word shapes.
vlastezba(external link) Image For automatically creating a glossary, given a text file containing Lojban. Great for making learning texts accessible to those of limited vocabulary.
pretoriusjf(external link)
cmavlasisku Image A .NET-based dictionary program that parses vlasisku pages for answers. It supports defining Lojban words, searching by English gloss, searching by rafsi, and listing the contents selma'o.
Word Lookup
lojban dictionary(external link) Image An android app for quick word lookup.
Word Lookup
Multiling Keyboard(external link) Image Multiling keyboard is an extremely customizable multilingual keyboard for Android which features a lojban plugin for text prediction.
Google custom search(external link) Image A Google Custom Search for lojban resources.
Image A vim interface(external link) to the yahoo jbosnu archives.
Martin Bays
Image A gismu browser/editor -- by Elrond
Important notes on ViewTool
A patch that fixes one stupid bug in the viewtool utility
Image lojban text-to-speech in java -- by msabren


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