BPFK Section: Irrealis Attitudinals

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  • The definitions of e'e and e'i are based on a very loose interpretation of some of the keywords, so that they fit the e-series, which in all other cases expresses the speaker's attitude towards the audience's bringing about some situation.


  • ai nai changed from rejection / refusal (which is i'a nai) to unintentionality / accidentality / unplannedness.


  • e'o nai "make an offer", instead of "negative request"?
    • I have no idea what a "negative request" is. I do, however, see how "offer" is a negative of "request". - .aionys.


  • e'u cu'i "abandon suggestion"?


  • selpa'i uses {.ei} as "should" and {.e'i} as "must" (as in {.e'i mi'o denpa .i lo sorpeka pu'o zvati}), I (camgusmis) think that's pretty good. The {.e'e} here is obviously out of the question, and I think keeping something like "must" is worth it, too, and closer to what we have.
    • That was long ago, I now prefer {.e'i} as proposed on this page, and I'm a big fan of the proposed {.e'e}.--selpa'i

Section Issues


  • Recent discussions have brought up the question of whether a realis/irrealis dichotomy makes sense at all, or whether all bridi are implicitly semi-realis, with some attitudinals leading to stronger implications one way or the other. Public opinion seems to be in favor of removing the split. If so, the definitions may need to be tweaked to make this more clear. If not, then someone needs to speak up in defense of the split.


The realis/irrealis distinction(external link) has been rather hotly debated over the years. It is my ( Lindar ) opinion that the reality/irreality of the UI is dependent upon the reality/irreality of the jufra, and can be indicated with da'i/da'inai or some other kind of marker. This way ni'o .a'o mi klama can mean I hope I go. in one instance and I'm going, about which I feel hopeful. for another, rather than being restricted to one meaning.



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