BPFK Section: Quotations

  • Outstanding issues (to be fix in the mega-vote, if not sooner).
    • la'o does not contain anything like "The delimiting word is separated from the quoted text by pauses, and must not be found in the written text or spoken phoneme stream.", and it should.
    • jbofihe , and therefore gerna, (wrongly) allows any string (even characters like ?!@#$%^&) as ZOI delimiters. We should make it clear that non-lojban characters in the delimiter are illegal.
      • That's already very clear in the CLL and elsewhere; jbofihe implements the grammar fairly badly, and the morphology very badly indeed. However, I changed "the following word" in zoi and la'o below to "the following Lojban word"; I expect this to be without controversy. -camgusmis

Proposed Definitions And Examples










For lots and lots of notes and discussion on what led to these definitions, see Magic Words.




  • lo'u...le'u quotes, zo quotes, and zoi quotes are all single words now for purposes of si, bu and zei. This almost certainly violates some usage, but as there was no solution to these conflicts before, anything is better.


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