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  • Many of these definitions are substantially similar. Please bear in mind that they will normally be used in isolation.


  • Example of the difference between noi and poi: "ro prenu noi xamgu cu klama" is a monumentally different claim from "ro prenu poi xamgu cu klama". The former is "All people are good, and they go." The latter is "All the good people go". Formally, the former is "ro prenu ge xamgu gi klama", and the latter is "ro da poi prenu zo'u da ga nai brode gi brodi". With su'o, however, they are equivalent.


  • voi is pretty amazingly useless. This is borne out by the amount of usage it has seen: I have collected above, as far as I can tell, more than 80% of the extant usages of it. ne is, if anything, worse (i.e. less used). po'e is not much used either, but that's hardly a surprise. vu'o seems to be underutilized as well, but I suspect that's more in error than anything else. The winner of the no-usage prize, however, seems to be ge'u. This, however, seems to have been an error in many cases: {mi po do ge'u .e da} means something completely different than {mi po do .e da}.


  • I don't know who cares that goi is Latin 'sive', but I'm sure it's not me.


  • I have no idea why only pe and ne can be used with sumtcita clauses.


  • While the definitions are lovely, please make a plain-English explanation of how NOI's relative position to {ku} affects the quantifier (IE that pa lo ci gerku noi zvati ku is one of three dogs which attend and that pa lo ci gerku ku noi zvati is one dog of three which attends). This is one of those little things that newbies overlook and is rather important. - Lindar



  • WRT goi, the right-leaning specification in the case of both arguments being defined is wholly new.


  • po in CLL was stated to mean "se steci srana", but no-one really understood what that meant. I believe that the change (to traji lo ka ce'u ckini) covers the CLL meaning better and changes no usage.


  • I am aware of no other substantial impacts of this proposal.


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