BPFK Community Work

This page is for anyone in the Lojban community who wants to help
the BPFK with the initial language description task.

The Goal

The whole goal here is to replace the definitions with something
that (1) uses complete English sentences and (2) might be useful to
somone who has never seen them before (although please don't include
descriptions of things common to many words; do not define
"attitudinal", for example).

We'd also like to get the various piece of information about the
words seperated out for future use, and get some examples, but those
are somewhat secondary goals.

The Procedure

Here's what you do:

  • Log in to your account here; register if necessary (it's in the upper right)
  • Make sure your email here is valid; see the preferences page(external link)
  • Ignore anything else you've ever heard about BPFK procedures
  • Pick a section that isn't green on the BPFK Sections page. Pick a cmavo in that section that looks unfinished. Do the following:
    • Grab your CLL, or use one of the online versions. Figure out what the cmavo means. Write it down. See the templates below.
      • Do NOT describe its category in general; it is sufficient to say that something is "an attitudinal"; you do not need to talk about how attitudinals in general work at all.
      • Do describe how it is different from other members of its category.
    • Find (or, if you really can't find any, make) examples of usage of the cmavo; use the Corpora page for this.
    • Search the mailing list(external link), or anything else that seems relevant, for debate about the nature of the cmavo or its category. Make notes of any you find, seperate from the body of the definition.


Dealing With Issues

At any stage along the way, if you see any problem (contradictions, arguments, confusions, whatever) about either the cmavo itself or the general category it belongs to, make sure they are noted down, either in the Issues section for the cmavo or the Issues section (make one if necessary) for the whole page.

If you get stuck or confused, please post to the BPFK group(external link).


Each grammatical category should have unique descriptiors in Lojban
that can be used to refer to all cmavo of that type, for consistency
across various documents, in case we decide to go with something
http://teddyb.org/robin/Documentation+Standards+For+Lojban(external link)


Please put {...} around any cross-references to other Lojban words,
like {broda}. This will not get marked up, but it will save us a lot
of trouble later. Basically, put {...} anywhere you would want a
hyperlink to another entry to appear if this was an online

Section Colours

For the colors, Blue means "completed but not voted on"; you should
mark any section that appears finished blue. Green means "completed
and voted on"; please do not touch those!

Go For It!

When editing the wiki, DO NOT WORRY about making mistakes or anything like that. You are totally free to edit as you see fit. This very much includes fixing other people's mistakes. Edit as you see fit. Do not discuss the page on the page; if there's something that needs discussion, post to the BPFK group(external link). If a page is locked, let the BPFK group(external link) know. We have people watching every edit; if there's a problem, we'll mail you.

But Be Careful About Concurrent Edits

We've had at least one case so far of one person entirely destroying
another person's cmavo definition changes. Therefore, please:

  • If the site says "someone else edited this since you started", or something like that, DO NOT SAVE. Copy the text somewhere else, cancel, RELOAD, and try again.
  • Make lots of small, quick changes.
  • RELOAD before you start editing.



A finished cmavo looks something like this:

The raw markup for that is this:


The original document is available at http://tiki.lojban.org/tiki/BPFK+Community+Work