BPFK Section: Digits

The base of a number string should be base-ten, unless:

  • explicitly specified by ju'u, AND/OR
  • the string contains hexadecimal digits, in which case it is defaults to hexadecimal, AND/OR
  • overridden by context

It should not be necessary to state this in the cmavo definitions here, but rather in the definition for ju'u.

I assume that it is unnecessary to formally define the mechanism of big-endian positional notation. At any rate, I am unable to do so myself.

Usage for decimal digits

cacra li revo .a li pare

It lasts for 24 or 12 hours.

mi tatpi .i li paci vi tcika

I'm tired. It's 13 o'clock here.

li paze pi'e ci


Usage for hexadecimal digits

li dau re ci vai vai vai vai vai



Proposed definitions


















Interactions with other sections

The sections with ju'u should state that digits are in base-ten, unless they contain at least one hexadecimal digit, or they are explicitly specified by ju'u, or the base is overriden by context.


None intended.

The original document is available at http://tiki.lojban.org/tiki/BPFK+Section%3A+Digits