BPFK Section: Pedagogical Tags

http://teddyb.org/robin/Documentation+Standards+For+Lojban(external link),
which no-one has argued with, we need tags used for consistency in
teaching documents.

Hopefully this page will have enough information to be used to make
the master index later.

(sumti/bridi-tail/general) afterthought logical connective (ALC)



(tanru/general) forethought logical connective (FLC)



Need To Do

Sections that need tags, and alterations to support the tags, but
are otherwise done.

  • BAI
  • The Spatials: FAhA FEhE MOhI VA VEhA VIhA ZEhA ZI


The original document is available at http://tiki.lojban.org/tiki/BPFK+Section%3A+Pedagogical+Tags