cultural fu'ivla

(Don't like cultural gismu? Want to junk all of them? First you'll need to have replacements available for use.)

See cultural replacement lujvo, another approach to cultural fu'ivla and also ISO generated cultural fu'ivla.



Political/Ethnicity/Language (please specify)





This whole things seems rather a waste of effort to me. Attempting to come up with a word for each and every country, race, culture, language, etc. that exist is an over-ambitious and ultimately fruitless task. Instead of trying to come up with a "cultural" word for everything, we should use cultural words where the specific culture/language/country/etc. is a place-tag to be filled be a cmene or cmevla.

kulnr- words are all well and good, but the idea of cultural fu'ivla as proposed in the book is to use the CCVVCV form so that corresponding CCVVC rafsi can be formed. Many lujvo already involve cultural rafsi (the 3-letter kind), so eliminating cultural rafsi altogether would be damaging to the language. --rab.spir

  • In that case, Rob, Classic Wiki Conflict Resolution: I suggest kunlr- words, you suggest CCVVCV words, they both go on the Marketplace Of Ideas (and hopefully neither wins and the baseline is preserved! Mwahahah :-) (Btw, as another meta-point: since gli'ico is glico with an extra vowel, it doesn't address the 'recognisability' objection.) — nitcion
    • I actually don't have a problem with cultural gismu - however, if they are going to become taboo, I'd at least like to have rafsi fu'ivla to fall back on. I realize that CCVVCV will be just as unrecognizable as CCVCV or CVCCV. Besides, this is the one place where the baseline bends! The book states that rafsi fu'ivla might be used, or they might not. I think we might as well play with it and see what happens.
    • and if neither wins, what do we do for, say, taiwanese culture?

Are we agreed that the place should form the basis of cultural fu'ivla in general (and where available - counterexample, Roma/Gypsies), rather than the nationality? That's what has been assumed in le tutra pe le terdi. (And please God, not more "thousand flowers".) Is it kulnlrosia, or kulnlruskii? nitcion

kulnlruskii - russian culture. tutrlrosia - Russia. Or use the gismu for the source languages of lojban...

PS: Love to see you come up with an autonym for Polynesian...

  • Not antonym, but autonym: self-designation

The above is a list of all the cultures that Lojban currently has gismu for, plus a couple of others. If there is another culture you'd like the word for, then by all means, add it.

We have a gismu for Antarctica? Sure thing. dzipo (I understand it's from cadzu cipni, land of the walking birds (i.e. penguins) It even has two short rafsi: -zip- and -zi'o-.

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