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> {vi} or something very like it has been used since about 1960 Loglan. The
> institutional memory on it is very stong — to the point where I wonder why
> {bu'u} got created at all.

Probably because the pattern:

pu - ca - ba - zi - za - zu
ca'u - ??? - ti'a - vi - va - vu

(or any other appropriate pairs instead of ca'u-ti'a for space)
was too strong to resist.

> Philosophically, there is not "real" distinction
> between here and near here and between that and there — they are all fuzzy
> values of highly variable curvature.

Even though {va} originally meant "there at...", it no
longer means that anyway. It still works for "there", but not when
tagging a sumti.

In a given context they sort things out
> but none has fundamental status, alway relative to a context. And as Mad
> Ludwig sorta said "You can't tell a person to stand exactly here" (as opposed
> to nearly here).

And you can't tell a person to speak exactly now (as opposed to nearly
now) either.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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