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Here's the discussion that was on the page before I cleaned it up:

  • prime: cmuna'ux1 is a prime number in integral domain x2
    • I'd consider that to mean "unit" and not "prime". I suggest:
    • prime: ralju namcu: ralna'un1=r1 is a prime number in integral domain r2
    • Something more like zilterfendi, i should think...
    • unit: jicmu namcu: cmuna'un1=j1 is a unit of integral domain j2
      • I have no idea what "unit" means that "integer" doesn't cover, and that's covered by mulna'u (see Abstract Algebra). --rlpowell
        • A unit in an integral domain is a number that every number is divisible by; e.g. the units in Z are 1 and -1, and the units in the Gaussian integers are 1, i, -1, and -i. -phma
    • "prime" is clearly something with selci. Furthermore, it's clearly a mulna'u; I suggest mulna'usle, which I'll now go put in jbovlaste(external link) --rlpowell
  • ko'a goi lo na pilji be ko'e bei ko'e goi lo kantu namcu na du ko'a

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