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Pierre Abbat wrote:

>On Wednesday 25 August 2004 12:02, xod wrote:
>>(Assuming that the definition of "bottle" includes a lid, even in
>>English) this argument is unfair. The description of the item is "bottle
>>without lid", not "bottle". One cannot complain that the description
>>"bottle without lid" is wrong because it's not a bottle. The description
>>/says /that it's not a bottle. This is a grouping issue. We can call the
>>vase "a lidless (bottle)" or "a (lidless bottle)". This translates as
>>"botpi fo noda" and "botpi fo zi'o", respectively, and referring to the
>>same physical situation.
>What's the difference between a lidless (bottle) and a lidless bottle? "botpi
>fo noda" doesn't mean "is a lidless bottle", it means "is not a bottle with a

You are not a bottle with a lid. xu do botpi fo noda

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