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> To be more specific: the rule for ZEI in my PEG grammar is
> (simplified slightly):
> any-word (ZEI any-word)+ indicators*
> any-word matches a single Lojban word. Duh.

Any word at all? What does {zo zei cmavo} give?

> Anything else will require an explicit exception.

I don't have much of a feeling for how the PEG grammar works yet.

> Note that currently, as a side effect, my parser is just fine with
> {ti zei zei broda} and such.

Isn't that {ti-zei-zei broda}?

> Not that my parser, or any other parser, should be relevant to this
> discussion, but he started it.

If it's simpler for the parser to do it one way, then probably
there is a simple way for us to understand the rule that way.
I don't as yet see how the PEG does it, so I don't see how the
rule would be simpler that way.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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