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> Regardless, the left-grouping ZEI change is a very different thing.
> It was just a matter of removing a special case that told ZEI not to
> work when there was a ZEI following.

"Removing a special case" sounds very nice.

> I still think there's no point in allowing left-grouping or
> right-grouping ZEI strings, and that if we allow them at all they
> should be treated as equivalent to a single ZEI.

I see disallowing the natural formation as complicating the grammar
unnecessarily. I'm not arguing that one rule would give more useful
results than another, mostly this stuff will go unused anyway. All
I'm saying is that the simplest rule would seem to be that the first
{zei} removes the magic from the second, just because it comes first.
That's what magic words always do. Exceptions to that rule should
have a very good justification.

I presume {da zei zo} {da zei zoi} and {da zei lo'u} are all
allowed, even though they wouldn't work as lujvo the other way
around? {da zei zei} is exactly the same case, the first {zei}
removes any functionality from the following word.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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