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> Option 3:
> * SI is NOT an allowed ZOI delimiter.
> * SI after ZOI eats through delimiters and text seperately, so four SI in a row are required to erase a ZOI.
> * SA+ZOI puts you back in the ZOI. Since SI can NOT be a ZOI delimiter, SA+ZOI+SI is the fastest way to delete the whole thing.
> * This would mean that the only case where WORD + SA + same category as WORD + SI doesn't == nothing would be with ZO.
> I have a strong preference for option three; it gives the most user friendliness, IMO. What do you all think?

I very much like option 3. I'm curious about one point you mentioned earlier,
and whether it's still a problem, though. After erasing the final delimiter,
are we in a place to add more quoted text? ISTR you saying that

zoi zoi I'm talking zoi si about quotes zoi

was invalid, or at least different from

zoi zoi I'm talking about quotes zoi

because although the si ate the terminating zoi, the first zoi had already
turned it into something else and stopped working. Am I misremember, is that
somehow fixed, or what? (I really hope it is, otherwise requiring multiple
{si}s would be really weird).

Thanks for trying to comprehend all these interactions. I'm just barely able
to keep my head from exploding on many of them.
Adam Lopresto

I am a peripheral visionary; I can see into the future, but only way off to the sides.


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