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rlpowell posts: 14214

> Again, where does this "magic word output" concept come from?
> These aren't functions, they are streams of text to which we are
> applying semantic meaning. Why not just stick with words?

To give a concrete example of why this bothers me, the exceptionless
rules cause an error for:

broda broda si bu

because BU acts on the "output" of the previous magic word, si,
which is nothing, but BU isn't allowed to act on nothing, so an
error results.

The other problem is that writing up definitions based on the
exceptionless rules pretty much requires enshrining the term "magic

I am not completely averse to the exceptionless rules (they are
quite simple, after all), but I'd really prefer to stick with real
things in the text stream (i.e. words) if we can.



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