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I forgot BU in making the comparison of the exceptionless rules to the

> BU makes the preceding word into a lerfu word, except for ZO, ZEI and LOhU
> (which quote it), ZOI (which uses it as a delimiter);

That's the same {zo bu}, {da zei bu}, {lo'u .. bu .. le'u} and
{zoi bu ... bu} all deactivate {bu}.

> LEhU (which would
> result
> in bizarrely re-opening the LOhU...LEhU, and hence is an error);

{lo'u ... le'u bu} is allowed by the exceptionless rules, but the
whole construct is turned into a lerfu. {le'u bu} by itself without
an opening {lo'u} is an error, but the error occurs before {bu}
appears, so it is caused by {le'u}, not by {bu}.

> SI, SA and SU
> (it affects whatever is to the left after the erasing is done;
> if nothing is left an error results);

That's the same.

This can also be described by saying that in {da de si bu}, {bu} acts
on the construct {da de si} and not just on the immediately preceding
word {si}.

> BAhE (which it skips); BU (which would lead to grouping
> issues, and hence is an error to attempt); and FAhO (after which anything,
> including BU, is ignored).

Those would work in the same way.

> Note that Y is specifically included.

That would have to be added as an exception.

> BAhE effects
> BU as usual, so BU skips over any preceeding BAhE cmavo to affect the word
> before them. Multiple BU may be used in succession, in which case a new
> letteral is formed for each additional BU (i.e. "broda bu" is a different
> letteral from "broda bu bu"). However, "bu bu" by itself is illegal.


mu'o mi'e xorxes


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