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Someone else might have answered this; I'm wading through it... (that is, Robin) wrote:

>Re: Magic Words
>The red book claims that UI cmavo can't mark BU. What's up with that?
>Specifically, it says:
>UI and CAI cmavo mark the previous word, except for ``zo, ``si, ``sa, ``su, ``lo'u, ZOI, ``fa'o, ``zei, BAhE cmavo, and ``bu. Multiple UI cmavo may be used in succession. A following ``nai'' is made part of the UI.
That can't be right. Then you couldn't say {mi viska .abu .ui} for
saying that I see my beloved Mr. A. {bu} is only magical to the left,
on its right side it's normal. I'm in favor of ruling this a
typographical error.



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