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In a message dated 2004-11-07 9:23:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> What it should do is erase "pendo", since "y" is just a hesitation. In
> jbofi'e, though, it erases "y".
> phma

Hesitation is its function, but it is an articulated morpheme, not just
silence (a hesitation). So is it a word here or not?

(And I like my example better as "Mi prami .y. si pendo do") I would expect
it to take out both the ".y." and "prami".

Of course all of these erasure words seem to ignore the fact that whatever is
to be erased was in fact actually spoken, and so can NOT be erased from the
mind of the listener. It's like telling a jury to disregard someone's
testimony or statement. They can try, but they have still heard it, and it can still
color their judgment.




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