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> > any-word = zo-word | zei-word | bu-word | lo'u-word
> > | zoi-word | A | ... | ZOhU
> Well, in your universe. Don't forget BRIVLA and CMENE.

They are included in the ... :-)

> > {broda ba'e si brode} would be an emphatically deleted {broda},
> > replaced by {brode}: i.e. {ba'e} is always (no exceptions)
> > absorbed by the following word. The construct {ba'e si} would be
> > an emphasized word eraser.
> I'm sorry, but no matter how many times I read that my brain still
> treats it as an exception. SI is just *more* *important* then BAhE
> to me, and it seems bizarre that SI wouldn't do its proper job
> (erasing BAhE) in this case.

If you say that SI has priority over everything, then it is an exception.
If you say that left-to-right processing has priority, then it is not
an exception.

But you don't consider SI more important than everything: ZO is
more important than SI, at least more so than the first SI.
But then three SI's together can defeat a ZO.

Having to remember the order of precedence of all the magic words,
plus all the exceptions and counter-exceptions to that order of
precedence, is too much trouble for what it buys us, in my opinion.

> However, someone who "grew up" with your system likely wouldn't feel
> that way. I just wanted to get it out.

I don't know why you feel that SI is more important than BAhE
but less important than ZO, other than because you have become used
to it.

I have not been able to learn the official precedence rules
of magic words in about 10 years of doing Lojban. It is not even
clear if there is an official set of consistent and complete
rules. I just hope we don't end up with another unlearnable set.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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