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> Oh, another thing: in left-to-right processing, BU *always* loses.
> Not sure this is a bad thing, but wanted to point it out.

"Always" here means {zo bu}, {zoi bu ... bu}, {da zei bu},
{lo'u bu le'u}, {da ba'e bu}, {fa'o bu}.

In how many of those does {bu} win with your rules? In fact,
does it win in any one at all?

But there is always a way to get a lerfu from those words:
{zo zo bu}, {zo zoi bu}, {zo zei bu}, {zo lo'u bu},
{zo le'u bu}, {zo ba'e bu}, {zo fa'o bu} all give a lerfu
from the quoted word.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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