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On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 04:05:14PM -0700, Jorge Llamb?as wrote:
> --- Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> > > With a simple sumti like ko'a, yes. For a sumti like {le broda ku}
> > > there are three points where it can be atatched: between {le} and
> > > {broda}, between {broda} and {ku}, or after {ku}. The meanings can
> > > be different in some cases.
> >
> > Oh FFS. Is that true with poi and voi too? If so, is it also true
> > with pe, ne, po, and so on?
> Yes.
> > Reference for this, please?
> I think CLL mentions it.
> {ci lo ro broda noi brode ku noi brodi cu brodo}
> says of all brodas that they are brode, but only of the three brodas
> that brodo that they are brodi.

s/a sumti/a simple sumti; for descriptions smuti it can appear in a
variety of places, the semantics of which are beyond the scope of this

Any objections?

> > > > xu naku me le cnano pe le tai tcima ne vi do
> > > > ''Is it not the case that those among the norm which is
> > > > associated with the form of the weather, which is near you?''
> > > > Isn't it true that the weather near you is normal?
> > >
> > > Does it really say that?
> >
> > That's how I read it. Do you disagree?
> I think "Don't you normally have such weather?" or something, but I
> don't really know.

Yeah, that's a bit better.


ma fasnu vi do

le vacri cu muvdu

xu naku me le cnano pe le tai tcima ne vi do .i pau do tavba'u mu'i ma

> > > This does not make much sense, since both sumti pick out exactly
> > > the same things.
> >
> > Nope. John convinced me that no'u is definately not restrictive;
> > you can have that argument with him if you like.
> I agree it is not restrictive. That doesn't mean that the two sumti
> don't have the same referents. I don't think the point you repeat
> about identification has anything to do with restrictiveness.

OK, removed from no'u and po'u.

> > > For some sumti, you can apply three relative clauses without using
> > > zi'e.
> >
> > Example, please.
> lo noi broda ku'o brode noi brodi ku noi brodo cu brodu

'simple sumti' and 'beyond the scope' stuff added to zi'e.



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