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Magic Words: left-to-right

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> (including ZO-quoted words, LOhU-quotation words, ZEI-lujvo, BU-lerfu words,
> and ZOI-foreign words)
> That's, like, child abuse of the word "word".

"quoted word" is normal English for what ZO does.
"lerfu word" is even official for what BU does.
ZEI-lujvo may or may not be official (as in 'used in CLL', I'd have
to check) but it is normal lojbo usage for what ZEI does.

I grant that the other two are extensions, perhaps more justifiable
in the case of ZOI than in the case of LOhU.

> How about UI affects "the
> previous word or extra-grammatical phrase"?

I'm not sure extra-grammatical is the right word though.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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