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Magic Words: left-to-right

rlpowell posts: 14214

On Wed, Nov 10, 2004 at 12:34:13PM -0800, Jorge Llamb?as wrote:
> --- Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> > SA should be able to back to the last BAhE, IMO.
> It's not a big deal.

What's not? SA not working with BAhE, or fixing it?

What *does* "mi za'e klama sa ba'e klama" do in LTR, anyways?

> What exactly is the grammar
> of SA anyway?

Umm, it's more than 600 lines of the current grammar.

> Is it something like:
> KOhA' = KOhA sa-KOhA / KOhA
> sa-KOhA = SA KOhA / any-word sa-KOhA
> ?

Pretty much, yeah, for every selma'o.

> > Hmmm. What does "sa zo ba'e" do in your interpretation? Or "sa
> > zo" in general, for that matter.
> Goes back to the last ZO. SA should see preceding magic words, it
> just doesn't see the "any-word" part. (It shouldn't see any
> preceding SI, SA or SU though, so {sa si}, {sa sa}, or {sa su}
> would take you to the beginning of text.)

> > I really don't like SA not being able to back into BAhE, but it's a
> > minor thing.
> I'd like to understand a bit better the formal grammar
> of SA and BAhE before commiting one way or the other.

Ok. Let me know how I can help.



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