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> > SI would NOT erase the previous word in the following cases: {zo
> > si}, {zoi si ... si}, {da zei si}, {lo'u ... si ... le'u}, where
> > the magic of SI is turned off by a preceding magic word.
> >
> > SI would erase MORE than a single word in the following cases: {zo
> > a si}, {zoi zoi ... zoi si}, {da zei de si}, {lo'u ... le'u si},
> > {a bu si}, {... sa si}, where SI erases the whole preceding magic
> > word construct.
> This is the stuff I'd really like people's opinions on. Anyone,
> anyone?

The last comment, about {... sa si} is not quite right. {sa} acts
first and since it won't find any SI looking back, it will erase
everything to the beginning of text. At that point SI has nothing
to erase, so it is either an error or a beginning of text exception
for SI.

> My problem there is that backing out of a zoi is too damned hard.
> zoi .y. si si si — that's the fastest way in LTR (assuming that the
> average user would hesitate trying to figure out how to get out of
> it). I think "zoi si" == nothing is important.

OTOH, backing out of {zoi zoi} is made easier:

zoi zoi .y. zoi si

instead of

zoi zoi .y. zoi si si si si

(BTW, what happens when "anything" is empty, do you still need
a {si} to erase it with your rules?)

So I don't think making the exception would be justified.

> > With exceptionless rules, SI, SA, SU, BAhE, ZEI and FAhO are
> > instead turned off by the preceding ZEI.
> This makes it impossible to correct part of a ZEI, of course,
> which could get painful.

Yes. It's impossible to correct parts of a very long normal
lujvo too. It's better not to use extremely long lujvo or zei-lujvo.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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