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> I still don't know what fa'o means. Does fa'o si fo'a work, and if so,
> what's the point of having fa'o, exactly?

The point is that nothing after fa'o is interpreted by this particular
event of parsing. What follows may be parsed by some other event.
If you were using a text-to-speech converter, you might convert fa'o

Z, or you might convert it into ENTER. So fa'o cannot be

erased or otherwise messed with once it is recognized. It can be
protected by zo, lo'u...le'u, or zoi. fa'o zei broda won't work;
I don't care if broda zei fa'o works or not.

(Thought: should we have another member of ZEI with reverse-order
modified-modifier semantics?)

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thought; as no one knew better than he
that the Wall had no other side.
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