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> *Ewww*. You want SA to skip BAhE to the *right*? Gross.

I don't exactly *want* that, it's just the least bad alternative
I can find. My preferences, in order, would be:

1- Eliminate SA from the language.
2- Change the meaning of SA to something simpler.
3- Use the emphasized/nonce word as the replacement word in
{SA BAhE }.
4- Use BAhE as the replacement word.

> Oh, oh, that reminds me; we need a cmavo for s///. Or at least, I'd
> very much like one. It would be of selma'o ZEI, and the semantics
> are "pretend the last instance of the word on the left was actually
> the word on the right". Oh, and now we can use zo with it and
> everyhing. I love this idea, I'm glad I thought of it.

I wouldn't put it in selma'o ZEI though. That would only
allow single word replacements.

We already use {si} for single words, and now we can also use
{zo le si zo lo} and {lo'u da de di le'u si lo'u di de da le'u} for
replacing a word that is not grammatical by itself, or many

If we want something more formal, perhaps we could somehow recycle
SA for this?

> > What happens with {... sa sa da}?
> As it says in the SA section, SA SA destroys back to the beginning
> of text. So that would be just {da}.

The section mentions SA SI and SA SU, not SA SA, but that's
what I would expect for SA SA too, yes.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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