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rlpowell posts: 14214
Use this thread to discuss the Forums page.

rlpowell posts: 14214

Unformatted discussion that used to be on the page:

Along the lines of the IRC, I'm thinking of making a MUSH? for Lojbananas (partly because I'm not often on IRC and somehow find MUSHes easier.) Any interest? Let me know; mi'e mark.

The Logical Language Group formerly published a newsletter, lojbo karni, and a journal, ju'i lobypli. Thanks, but why is this in the forums page?

How about a newsgroup on some newsserver (maybe even on usenet)? I think mailinglists are old-fasion. :-) Maybe a gateway between the mailinglists and the newsgroup(s)? Then people can use whatever they want, and still communicate with each other.

'Seeing as usenet was one of the earliest pieces of the internet, it would also have to count as "old-fas(h)ion". Besides, mailing lists get the job done.'

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