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xod scripsit:

> Do you realize that in usage, people usually use "noda" to mean "lacks a
> lid", and not this contradiction of the entire sentence which you are
> performing, which generally results in something meaningless (applicable
> to camels, stars, etc)

So much the worse for usage. This is core logical-language stuff.

> ta botpi fo no da
> = noda zo'u ta botpi fo da
> = ?

The next step is naku su'oda zo'u ta botpi fo da, which is a core
first-order predicate logic sentence: ~ Ex botpi_fo(Ta, x) where "Ta"
is a constant.

> And if so, how do we discuss lidless bottles? zi'o doesn't mean the lid
> doesn't exist, only that we don't want to discuss it. Or is that
> convention getting overhauled too?

No, it isn't being overhauled. Bottles which don't have lids may be
bottles, but they aren't botpi, and you need to use some other predicate
to describe them.

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