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Hello, I'm ... coi mi'e ...

I come from ... mi se krasi ...

I live in ... mi xabju ...

America la mergug / le mergu'e

France la fasygug / le fasygu'e / la frans

Germany la dotygug / le dotygu'e'

Goodbye co'o

What's your base? dofoxo kancu or (in La Xagvar) zo'eco'eno'oju'uxo 'where does zo'eco'eno'oju'uxo come from?'('One does the usual {count} to the typical number in what base?')'And isn't the obvious answer that it is belong to us? (ro ledo zbepi cu tutra mi'a?)'

I count by tens mi foli pano kancu/zo'eco'eno'oju'ulipano

...twelves li'o li gai

...sixteens li'o li paxa (or, if you are a chauvinistic

hexadecimalist, li'o li rau)

(How about li'o li su'ovai?)

...sixties li'o li xano

...twos li'o li vei pasu'ipa

No matter what the time of day, in Lojban the word for "hello" is coi and the word for "goodbye" is co'o.