Minutes of the 1989 Annual Meeting of the Members of The Logical Language Group, Inc.

The first Annual Meeting of the Members of The Logical Language Group, Inc. was called to order on June 17, 1989 at 2:07 PM EDT.

Members attending in person were:

  • Nora LeChevalier
  • Robert LeChevalier
  • John Parks-Clifford
  • Tommy Whitlock

A proxy from Jeffrey Taylor was read, making him present by proxy. The attendance of all members, in person or by proxy, allowed the meeting to be held without an agenda being sent out at least 10 days in advance.

Non-members in attendance at the annual meeting were:

  • Athelstan
  • Jamie Bechtel
  • Carl Burke
  • Elliot Deal
  • John Hodges
  • Brad Lowry
  • Sylvia Rutiser
  • Jack Waugh
  • Albion Zeglin

Reading of the Minutes:

A motion was made and passed to dispense with the reading of the minutes. (Note: this is the first members' meeting and therefore there are no minutes of previous meetings).

Financial Report:

The financial report was given by Robert Lechevalier. At this time we have approximately $1900 in the bank account for LLG (The Logical Language Group, Inc.), including $1500 in refundable balances and $900 owed to Robert & Nora LeChevalier for reimbursement of expenses; this makes us technically bankrupt (Objection by Tommy Whitlock: no, we are "operating in the red"). We received over $500 donation last week. The income so far this year is greater than the income last year.

Question by John Hodges: Are balances rising or falling? Answer by RJL (Robert LeChevalier): Rising overall because of some individuals' higher balances.

The ratio of debt to assets is fairly small. We have a large inventory; this, added to our cash assets may make our net worth positive. There are $9000 worth of negative balances, not quite balanced by $8000 in donations.

Old Business (That is, business already begun at Board meetings):

Publicity Campaign:

A draft of a press release was distributed to attendees; the word "completion" should be omitted; otherwise, comments invited.

(RJL): Analog not interested in article. We can do a letter to the editor. The Mathematical Intelligencer will published an edited version of our (RJL's) response to an article last November on a mathematical unambiguous language.

WorldCon (NOREASCON 3: NorthEastern area Science Fiction convention) plans: Athelstan, RJL, and Nora Lechevalier will be attending on behalf of LLG. They will give at least 2 sessions on Lojban, and will have a spot in the hall to set up with information during the Con. We may have a loop tape video courtesy of Brad Lowry and Elliot Deal. Suggestions from attendees followed. (Elliot Deal) Have computer software running. (John Hodges) There is usually a costume contest with short skits; you can use Lojban. (Jack Waugh) Speak without interruption in your talks, so as not to be sidetracked with questions.

From the $200 ad we had in Discover, we received 40 responses. Comments from attendees followed. (Athelstan & Tommy Whitlock) Don't make premature judgement on ads based on Discover response - it may be the magazine chosen; but, will accept that "at present time it is not cost effective". (RJL) Possibly it was the size and type of ad.

We will have an ad in FactSheet 5 (1/8 page).

(RJL) Karl Sachett will place an ad in a Mensa publication on languages.

Discussion of computer bulletin boards.


Quick review of circumstances on trademark cancellation effort was given by RJL for attendees.

New Business:

JCB (James Cooke Brown) book:

Newly revised Loglan 1 not yet received. RJL proposed an open review for August/September in JL (Ju'i Lobypli). (John Hodges) Opposed to devoting entire issue to it; should have other material also. (Jamie Bechtel & others) Want to see what differences are between his and ours.


(RJL) Sheldon Linker says there is a possible Defense application for Lojban in flight control software; he has a design in mind. (Athelstan) But will this curtail our activities (Secrecy and ownership concerns)? Will any problems be cemented in as of when it is so used?

(General discussion) May look at NEH (National Endowment for Humanities) for grants. The problem is that there are deadlines 1 or two times a year. It is too long to wait to get grant because we don't know enough about what our state will be 9 months in the future. There are other places to look also. There is an organization sponsored by the German government to advance US/Germany & Europe ties. The Rockefeller Foundation has funded language-related things.

(RJL) Low priority at present.

International mailings:

Sending money internationally (for people ordering Lojban things) is ridiculously high.

Proposal to have LLG apply for Mastercard/Visa capability for accepting payments for material. PASSED unanimously.

Election of new members:

Discussion of responsibilities & rights of members: Requires demonstrated commitment to the organization and/or language, and availability for participation in meetings (by phone, proxy, or in person). Allows participation in changes to by-laws and articles of incorporation, and voting in board of directors.

Athelstan, John Hodges, and Albion Zeglin stated interest in becoming members. pc (John Parks-Clifford) proposed Athelstan, John Hodges, and Albion Zeglin for consideration for membership; PASSED unanimously.

From this point on, the new members were included in the voting.

Election of Board of Directors:

Duties and rights were reviewed. There was discussion of balloting methods (secret or not).

Athelstan and Albion requested to be considered for posts on the Board of Directors. There was discussion of the wording of the by-law changes needed to increase the number of people on the Board.

Re-wording proposed (Athelstan): That we amend Article 4, Section 2 of the by-laws to read: "How Elected. At the Annual Meeting of members, the three (3) persons receiving a plurality of the votes cast and up to four (4) additional persons receiving a majority of votes shall be Directors and shall constitute the Board of Directors for the ensuing year." Albion moved that we accept this change to the by-laws. Athelstan seconded. Motion was PASSED with one opposed.

Tommy Whitlock moved that all 7 volunteers be elected. John Hodges seconded. Motion was PASSED unanimously.

Scheduling of next Annual Members' Meeting (& Logfest):

Discussion of members' availability ensued.

Suggested rewording of the first sentence of Article 3, Section 4 of the by-laws to read: "The annual meeting of the members shall be held at such place as the Directors shall designate on the first Sunday following the 14th day of June each year, at 10 o'clock in the morning of that day." Athelstan moved to adopt the change to article 3, section 4 of the by-laws, as reworded. Tommy Whitlock seconded. Motion PASSED unanimously.

The first Annual Meeting of the Members of The Logical Language Group, Inc. was adjourned at 5:25 PM EDT.

I certify that the above motions were presented to all members present for discussion and approval, and that all motions were approved as noted. I further certify that these minutes are an accurate representation of the first Annual Meeting of the Members of The Logical Language Group, Inc.

Nora LeChevalier


I accept the above as an accurate record of the meeting.