Posted by Robin Powell to llg-members and lojban on November 2, 2005:

This year's meeting is going to take place on the mailing list
during the month of November. John Cowan is chairing. The meeting
will take place in a format as much like a face-to-face meeting as
possible; that is, motions, discussion, and voting will all be
interspersed as the chair determines is appropriate.

The one exception to that format is that voting for officers will
close at the end of the 3rd week in November (that is, Sunday the
20th of November 2005) so I can give the government some paperwork
they need.

Some general notes:

Non-LLG members who wish to observe will be added to the mailing
list on an ad hoc basis. If you feel the need to discuss
something that requires their non-presence, send me private
e-mail and I'll figure something out. As this has basically
never happened before, I'm not especially worried.

All standing proxies are hereby invalidated. This is a
vote-by-mail situation, and everyone is present on the mailing
list. If you're going to be away from e-mail for the entire
voting period and really need to proxy, please say so, but you
must make a new proxy statement this year.

Here's the agenda:

1) Roll call

This is waived because the meeting is on the mailing list, which
has been verified to have a valid e-mail address for all

In lieu of roll call, I will be making a list at the end of all
memebers who did not directly participate in the meeting, for
use next year.

2) Reading of minutes

Waived. Read them yourself at

The vote to accept those minutes will occur here.

3) Officer's reports

4) Committee reports

5) Election of new members

6) Removal of old members

Members not attending, even by proxy, last year:
Barton, Dave
Burgess, Gary
Daniel, Craig
DeLong, Jordan
Dyke, Gregory
Lynch, Keith
Miles-Lasseter, Alexandra
O'Sullivan, Paul Francis
Raizen, Adam
Reed, Theodore
Twery, David
Vilva, Veijo
Whitlock, Tommy
Le Du, Yann

7) Election of the Board

Currently, only the incumbents are running. I'd *really* like
to see some new blood because, frankly, most of the current
board isn't doing much of anything. So if you'd like to get
involved, please speak up!

8) Old business

I'm not aware of any.

9) New business

The BPFK is a bit stagnant right now, and a large part of the
reason is that only about 3 of the commissioners are really
active. I would dearly love to see more active BPFK
commissioners, but a pretty firm grasp of Lojban is definately a
prerequisite. I see no reason to limit this to LLG members, so
please speak up if you know someone outside of the LLG who could

Votes to accept new members will be welcome here.