On this wiki page, topics for the Annual LLG Meeting 2010 will be collected.

Things to discuss/do

  • Shared google docs account
    • Since google wave is being shut down, the idea to transport the wave lessons to google docs has come up, and with it the idea to get a shared google docs account representing the LLG or something (just for ownership, editing rights can be given to any amount of people).

Things that have happened in the past or are happening now

  • The wave lesson
    • Lessons have been given to newbies on the IRC with tremendous success, the transcripts have been collaboratively turned into a document, known as the wave lesson.
  • lojban organisation on github.com
    • A place for all lojbanist programmers to put programming projects (or otherwise) for enhanced visibility and collaboration.
  • Logfest 2010 was awesome
    • Someone ought to write some details
  • "In the Land of invented Languages"
    • Released in 2009, and includes extensive coverage of Loglan and Lojban. Was it already discussed in the last meeting?
  • BPFK work
    • After some nudging/nagging/kicking, rlpowell managed to get a bit of activity started on BPFK sections.
    • See also "Lojban: You're Doing It Wrong": http://teddyb.org/robin/tiki-index.php?page=Lojban:+You're+Doing+It+Wrong
  • IRC
    • The amount of nicknames present (on IRC, one usually leaves ones client connected around the clock and looks at it when one has time) has risen to 80 nicknames, minus three bots or something.
  • The kid's show
    • currently many lojbanists are busy planning and designing setting and story of a kid's animated show to teach lojban.
  • Planet Lojban
    • About half a year ago, a feed aggregator was set up at http://lojban.org/planet/.
  • smart.fm
    • All vocabs have been added to smart.fm, an online vocab learning platform. Some words have also been recorded by lindar.
  • selsnu gidva / The Conversation Guide
    • It was a project started (and understandably abandoned in favour of byfy work) to provide both a guide to simple conversation as a supplement to other learning materials, and as a way to generate more vocabulary to provide enough entries for...
  • The Dictionary Project
    • It's something that needs to get done, and should be easy in contrast to the amount of work it is taking/will take to finish the projects that have to be done beforehand.
  • jboklu
    • Where is our culture going? What cultural memetics have we seen arise as a product of the language and its people, and what are we doing to log its history?

Missing minute summaries

Someone ought to find the llg-members archive and extract minutes from them, that resemble the LLG Meeting Minutes from the past years.