See changes to phpwiki.


We've already standardized on not using the idea of WikiWords;

  • What's this 'we' shit, white man? — RobinLeePowell
    • everyone who was using the wiki a lot before it moved? --jay
    • It's even (somewhat inexplicably) the second line on the FrontPage.

why should we need to force our names into them? I want to go by rab.spir, because RabSpir is simply wrong for a Lojban name. TsaliTsali is even more horribly contrived.

Is there something in the Wiki source that can be easily changed for this?

  • What's wrong with rab.spir? RabSpir is just for sign in (and I have only had to sign in the very first time I used the wiki). --And
    • It shows up on the RecentChanges page and links to RabSpir, which I don't intend to create.

The patch is there, so could whoever runs the Wiki (Jay?) please apply it before we get too attached to our WangleWord names?

I agree. WikiWords are horrible and ugly. Robin: here's a patch which 'fixes' it. It however goes all the way and allows everything (spaces, ^H, etc) in user names. I don't think this is neccesarily bad for our purposes though:

(apply in the lib/ dir).

--- WikiUser.php.bak Wed Jan 23 19:26:55 2002
+++ WikiUser.php Mon Nov 18 23:52:06 2002
@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@
return false;
- && preg_match('/\A' . $WikiNameRegexp . '\z/', $userid)) {
+ /*&& preg_match('/\A' . $WikiNameRegexp . '\z/', $userid)*/) {
return false;

Btw, while we're at it, I also think we should munge it so it doesn't automatically make FooLikeThis into links. I can put a patch to fix this also if people want.

  • There are a few links on this wiki which rely on that behavior — adam
    • All the more reason to fix it now and prevent people from introducing new ones. — mi'e .djorden.
      • You must be joking. Tell you what, you go through and fix every place in the wiki that that feature is used, and I'll consider it. — RobinLeePowell
        • Nope: I think when jay first put up the old wiki he put a thing about wanting to standardize on [ and ] for links. Anyone who ignored it deserves to have their pages break. --jrd
        • Furthermore, it'd be trival to fix them all using perl, if anyone actually cared to do so. I'd rather just let them break though (people can fix them if they see them broken). --jrd
          • I don't think you understand. I'm pretty damned certain that the internal functioning of phpwiki relies on this behaviour. — RobinLeePowell
            • I do understand, I looked at the source. The easy way to fix it is to gut the part of the html renderer which looks for WikiNameRegexp and forms them into links. I can post a patch which does this if you're willing to apply it. --jrd

Can we fix it so that double [ always escapes (e.g. "[[rab.spir]" gets turned into a link, I think, as might [this nonlink here])? (This comes out as garbage on screen, and proves my point.) --And (when I say "can *we* fix" it, I mean us collectively, of course; I myself am incapable, and merely gratefully depend on the expertise of others)

  • This appears to be related to that little "use new markup" button. Perhaps the way to escape [ has changed, but a brief glance around yeilded no data---I'm guessing it's a bug. Workaround is just don't use new things like tables on pages where you also want to escape [[. -jrd
  • SandBox has tables and escaping [[ both working at once. Are we supposed to use new markup or not use it?
    • SandBox has the "use new markup" button unchecked. I guess tables are allowed with that off then.
      • New Markup appears to be broken, AFAICT. — RobinLeePowell