ju'ocu'i mi'e xavier. y y y ju'ocai mi'e xavier.

I'm generally interested in lojban for the technical aspects of it. I'm quite intruigued with the nature of its grammar and am working on a few projects involving it, technically:

  1. Lojban diphone speech synthesizer
  2. someday an implementation of samtrosku or something similar

You can find more of my projects and non-lojban stuff here: http://staticfree.info

<xavier> huh. also didn't realize the zoi delimiters could be cmene as
well. nifty.
<xavier> dude. if computers ever become partially sentient and use
lojban as a language for speaking/understanding humans,
humans could hide secret messages in the ZOI delimiters and
the computers would never know.
<xavier> .u'isai lu mi ba'e prami la'o bigyselspo HAL 9000 Computer
bigyselspo li'u