Around the beginning of August 2002, la pycyn sent a translation of the first few entries of the gi'uste into German to the Lojban mailing list. I diddled the translations and added a couple more. pier suggested putting it into CVS; until that happens, I thought I'd use this Wiki page. --pne

(P.S.: Sorry, but "la doitc." is not an option, since it contains doi. Thanks for asking. Other suggestions are still welcome; I've heard dyitc, for example.)

how about la toitc. ;), which used to be used a long time ago.

(<la .doitc.> is perfectly acceptable according to Dot Side convention, I would suggest using that. --Eye/Onus)

(Oh, das sieht ja schon sehr gut und überzeugend aus! Danke! - Nur ein genereller Vorschlag: beim Artikel sollte man jeweils alle betreffenden grammatischen Geschlechter aufführen, z.B. "... ist 'eine' Kuh/'ein' Rind/Ochse..." oder diesen überhaupt weglassen, falls das Ganze zu lang werden würde.)

I think I'll split this thing up into individual letters before it gets too big to edit well — and then other people can pick letters to work on, as well. Just put your name behind the letter(s) you want to work on. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of gismu (and selrafsi cmavo) starting with that letter.

I added translation for letters je-z, changed b, c, g and j a bit, put g/j on there from cvs/different source, changed the encoding to UTF8 (so changes from d-f are only encoding). The rafsi format of j-z is a little bit different. Your help is needed to review the translation and translate the missing pieces (marked with *, ca. 55 words). --.alex. 2007-09-03

After some time, I managed to translate the missing entries and made some minor changes. Also, the rafsi format is now changed. The gi'uste translation is work done by Philip Newton, John Clifford and me, Alexander K., with help by florolf, timos, puroda, limlan. I wasn't that sure about the translations marked with ?, so these may need special care. Help with review and feedback is greatly appreciated, just make changes to the wiki. Use the attached script to get the current version as one large file. --.alex. 2009-01-05

Note: As first versions of translations of all entries are so far completed, I think it is much more practicable to have one large page, with the complete german gismu list instead of having everything split up. Therefore please only make changes to dotco gi'uste. I want to continue proofreading some translations in order to have everything included in jbovlaste in the (hopefully) near future. Help is greatly appreciated. — .alex. 2011-08-16.

In order to assure, that no gloss word is used more than once, run:
cat dotco\ gi\'uste | cut -d/ -f 2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | less

b (93) (done: pne) - c (167) (done: pne) - d (80) (done: pne) - f (62) (done: pne) - g (55) (pne) - j (110) (pne) - k (96) (alex) - l (57) (alex) - m (96) (alex) - n (44) (alex) - p (100) (alex) - r (59) (alex) - s (177) (alex) - t (93) (alex) - v (49) (alex) - x (56) (alex) - z (42) (alex)