Here is a word list of the words used in the movie "Love and Plutonium" which is being considered for translation into Lojban.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 80s 90 a able Abort about accidentally according account act acting actually address admit after afternoon again against agree agreement ah ahead air alien all allergic allow almost alone already alright always am ambition American an and angel announcing any anymore anyone anything anyway AOL apart apple appointment Arbor arch are area around arrest arts as aside asking ass at auditor aura away awful B baby back bad ballgame bar bastard battle battlefield be bear beautiful became because bedroom been befitting before befuddle begged behavior behind being believe benched best betide better biggest bimbo bingo bit bitch black blazing blonde bloodstains blow blue bo board Bob book booth born boss bother bought bound bout boy boyfriend brain Bravery break breaking breaks bride Bridget brightens bring brings brisket broke broken brokenhearted brother bucks burger burn burst bury business busy but butt buy by bye calculus calendar call came camera can Canadian candy cant caramel carcass card cards care career carry cartoon cassette casual cats cause CDs certified change check Chee cheese cheesecake chili chins chippy chubby Chuck circumstances city classic claws clean cleanse clerk clever cliches cloak close closet clumsy clutches Cmon coat column comb combat come comedy comes comfort coming Compa company complete concessions condoms conquest constitutional continue conversation convince cookies cool copy corndogs costume couch could counseling counselor counter country couples course cover coverage crap crazy credit cried crime croonings crush crushed cry crying curiosity curses cut cute damn damnations dander danger dangerous dank dare date day deaf deal dear dearest decided dedicate default defeat defender depressing der derelict desk destroyed devils diary Dick did different dime dinner disappear discuss dishes dispatch disrespect do doctor doctorate does dogs doing domination done dont doomed down downtown dozen drag dramatic dreams drive drivers driving drop Drudge due duh dumb dumbest dunno E each earth easy eat eBay ecard Eeww eh eighth either else email embarrassing end enemies enemy Englebert enjoy enough Enterprise equipment er even ever every everyone everything everywoman evil excited excuse expect expecting extra extreme eyes face fair familiar farewell fascinating fat fate father favorite feel fellas fence few field fiend fighter fighting figure file fill filled filthy find fine fingers finish finished fired firm first fixed flashes flattering fleetingly flowers fold follow fool foolish for forces forever forget form formula fought found fraternizing free friend friends from front fructose fruit fun future gal gangs Garofalos geeks Generation genius get getups girl girlfriend girls give go god going gold gone gonna good goodness goodytwo Googled googoo got gotta government governor grab grade granted great greater greatest green grill grip ground guess guests guns gutterworm guy guys gym ha habitual had hair halt hamper hand handsome Hank happened happy hard has hate hauling have having he heading hear heard heart hed hell hello help henchman her here hes hey hi hideout him himself his hit hiya hmm hobby hold holder Holly home homework honest honey honeypot hook hope hormonal hosts hot hotmail housewife how hows huge huh humiliated humming Humperdinks HumVee hungry husband hypnotizes I Id idea idiocy idle if Ill Im images imagine immunity important in inches incites indebted information ingenious inside instead instigator intelligent intention internet interrupting into invisible is it Ive Ivy jackass jammies Janeane jewelers JK job joining joking Jones JT junk just justice JusticeMobile karaoke Kate keeps kick kid kids killed killer kind kinda kitten know Krispie lab laboratory ladies lady largely laser last late lately later laughed laughing laundry lay learned least leave leaving left legs lens Leopold lesser lesson let Lib Libby Liberty license lie life light like line linen list listen litter little live load lofty long look loony lord lose losing lost lot lots lousy love loyal lurking lycra lyrics M ma maam machine made madman mail make makes making malicious mama man Mandrake manservant manual many mark marketable marriage married marry martial Marvin maternity math matter may maybe mayor me meal mean means meant meat Medlo Medlos meet meeting memories mention menus MeOw mere message met Michiganhowd microphone microphones midi might Millicent Milo Milos Miloser mind mine minivan minute mired miss mission missy mister mixed Mm Mmm Mmmhmm mode mom moment mommy moms month months mood moonyeyed more most mother mothers move movie movies Mr Mrs much must Mwah my myself nagging name named nameless natural nay need needed needs neglecting neighbors Neither nemesis Network never new Newlyweds next nice night no noble nobody noodle Nope normally not nothing notice noticed now NSync number numbers nuts odd of off official offs oh Ok okay old Omigod on once one ones only oogy Oookay Oops or order organizations original other ought our ours ourselves out outside over own packing paperwork park passed passion past pastel pay people perhaps permit person pet PhD Phoebe photo physical Pick picked picket picture pinball piqued pisses place places plagiarized plan plans plant plate play playah playground pleasant please plotted plutonium poems point police polish poopykins Poor porch position postman pouchy practically Practice pray pre precious precise prefer pretend pretreated pretty printers printing prison prisons privacy probably problem problems proposal propose provider purely purveyor pusher pussy put qualified questions quit R ran reached ready realize really reason received receptionist receptionists recognize recognized record red refill reflected refused regret regular rejoined relationship remains remember Remind rendition rental rented Report reports required respect restaurant Retract return rhymes Rice rifled right ring riots road rob robbery rogue romantic room Ruined rules ruling Run runs sad said same save saw say saying says scared scaring scenario science scrolled scum second secret seduced see seem selling senile senses sent serious seriously server serving set Settle sex shall shallow shape share sharing sharp she sheets Shell shes shoed shoot shop short should show shower Shut sick silly since sing single sir sit site six skills skinny skip sleep slits Slugs smack small smartest smells smirk smooth so sock sole Solitude some someone something sometime son song sorry sort sounds spaghettios speak Speaking specifically speech spin spirit spot squares stack stairs stand stands star staring start started stash statement states station stay steal step sticker still stop stopped stopping store story strange stranger stripes stubborn Stuemke stuff stupid sub substitute Suburbiaville subway such sucked suffered super superheroes supply supported suppose sure surprise sweet sweetest sweetheart swings sworn syndicate tailing take talents talk Tang tape tax Teacher team teeth tell telling tent tenting terrible terrorizing than thank Thanks that thats the theatre their them themself then there theres these they theyre thing things think thinking thinks thirty this those though thought three throat thrombosis through throwing Thurman Thursdays til Tim time times tiny tip tired to today toes together told Tomor tomorrow tone tonight too took top torch Toss tossing totally touch touched town track trailing traipsing travels tray tree Trek Tremendously troubles truant truck true truly truth try trying TS tunes turn turned twins two type uh UhWhat Um Uma Umm understand uniform Unless until unusual up upset upstairs us use used uses using valid vaporized version very video videocassette vile vill villain villainous villains villainy violence visitor vs wait waited waiting waitress waits walk walking walks wallet wanna want wanted warehouse warned warning was wash wasted watch way we weapon wearing weasely web website wed week weight weird Welcome well went were werent weve what Whatcha Whatever whats Whatsa WhaWhats when whenOh where wheres while whining white who Whoa whole Whos why wicked wife will win wish with without woe woman women won wonder wonderful wondering wont word work workin working world worlds worry worse worst would wouldnt wow writes writing wrong yahoo yard yeah years yell yes yesterday yet Yoohoo you your yourself