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At 01:52 PM 8/20/04 -0700, Jorge "Llambías" wrote:
>--- Robin Lee Powell wrote:
> > > Of course you can: point with your finger about 45 degrees downwards
> > > and make a circular motion.
> >
> > That describes a circle at my feet. It does not point at everything in
> > the immediate area.
>"Pointing" does not just mean "follow a straight line from the tip
>of my finger and whatever the line impinges upon that's the pointed
>at thing".

Anyone with a cat knows that. I point, and the cat focuses on (or
investigates) the end of my finger.

> > > But you don't have to take "pointing" so literally in any case.
> >
> > Why the bloody hell not? If I didn't want to take things literally, I
> > wouldn't be studying Lojban!
>People without hands or with their hands otherwise occupied can
>still use ti, ta, tu.

More importantly, ti/ta/tu have been defined for use in phonecons, where
pointing is impossible.

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