baupla fuzykamni

Re: baupla fuzykamni
(I'm using this for general BPFK discussion; feel free to do the same)

OK, we need a pro-sumti for "here", as in "near to the speaker". Seriously.

I'm aware it's possible to say "here", but the shortest form I'm aware of is "le diklo be mi". This is Zipfeanilly *ridiculous*. It's five syllables, FFS!

Note that "vi mi" and "vi ku" and such tricks don't count; I need something to put in a sumti place (the x2 of muvdu is how this rant got formed).

My question is, where and how is the best place to propose such a thing?

The Right Way, IMO, is a sumti to convert sumtcita phrases to things that can fill sumti places; call it xai. This gives us "xai vi ku", which is still too damned many syllables, but lets us stick with the three space descriptions we already have, without sucking three KOhA cmavo.

If it were to be a KOhA cmavo set, I don't know which KOhA group we'd put it in.

Comments? Questions? Yells for me to STFU?