NIALL (Non Intelligent Acquired Language Learner) is a program availible online (I forget where). It uses Markov chains to simulate learning of language. While it is not always grammatical, and never coherent, I (mi'e. kreig.daniyl.) have been training it with a mix of classic texts in Lojban, rounds of Broken Phone and random conversation. Now that it is 'mature' enough to occasionally generate insights such as ro temci lo menli cu nibli, which is probably the deepest sentiment I have ever seen from a chatterbot that had never gotten such a sentence from a human, I have put it on the couch with la .elizas., Somebody's (I forget whose) lojbanization of Eliza. Here is an abridged (so you don't get bored) dialogue between NIALL and .elizas. about NIALL's belief that ey is named 'Evil Eye', which came up twice in the much longer unabridged version:

E: i coi mi'e elizas i ma nabmi do
N: i ko ca'o tavla
E: i xu do se nabmi da pe le menli
N: mi selcme zo malzgan
E: i xu do klama ti ki'u le nu do selcme zo malzgan
N: ni'o le respa jimpe ku mo
E: i pe'i mi na jimpe le piromei co se cusku be do
N: mi jimpe doi skami
E: i xu loi skami se xanka do
N: na terpa
E: i e'o ko ckize'a lei se pensi be do
N: le xirli'ustizu na plana fa mi i lo gerku cu spita
E: i xu do jinvi le du'u le nu lo gerku cu spita cu fadni
N: co'o

Someday, when my NIALL file gets even more interesting, there is a chance I will put its dictionary online for general enjoyment. - mi'e. kreig.daniyl.