Lakmir.'s Orthography v3

Revision 3:


List of changes:

  • new S family: not too intrusive and can't get lost. C, Z, J follow.
  • 'Broken' letters, so you can mark them without backtracking
  • Revived small vowels (as if you noticed they were big)
  • Revived regular kerning, it actually helps the prettiness a lot.
  • M and N are reunited
  • L and R are also reunited, but as a modified rev2 L, not the old rev1 loop. L3 has a pronounced curve on the second stroke to help distinguish from E
  • X is the same but different - it's actually about halfway between X1 and X2
  • .y'y returns to the 'small flicked gap" character because it looks better and maintains the relationship between .y'y and xy

List of non-changes:

  • Unmarked consonants
  • K/G
  • glottal stop characters
  • stress-bar

About 'Breaking' the marked characters:

  • This is to let you write the flick diacritic without backtracking after you've finished the word. You use the pen-lift provided by the break in the line to write the flick, that way you don't backtrack or have to rejoin your broken inter-lerfu line. A demonstration:

(J3 included for good measure)

Some examples, good sir:


And a poem:


I'm quite pleased with this one, hopefully Rev4 will be a minor aesthetic tweak and then everyone can have the font. Hoorah! Read IRC logs in CRAZY scripty Lojban like you never could before.

- Lak.

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