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The write up above pretty much follows the CLL. However there has been at least one proposal(external link) (and I suspect there might be others) to reform the mex grammar to simplify it, mostly by merging selma'o. I myself am unhappy by the complexity of mex; specifically the limitations of {fu'a}, and the current uses of {tu'o} and {ge'a} (as noted above).

Also, the definition of {ti'o} is almost apologetic in its uselessness. As the CLL suggests, a working party needs to hammer out a standardised format for {ti'o}, put together a common convention precedence list for VUhU and publish it for reference. (In fact if such a list were published, then perhaps it should apply by default. The CLL suggests that the common convention for order of operations applies in mex already, and that would provide a sound way to implement this)


There is little impact from this, as mex is so underused. The only substantial work involving mex that I could find was
Fundamental Concepts Of Higher Algebra
(external link), by Nick Nicholas. Regardless, there is no recommendation to change the CLL definitions.


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