BPFK Section: Non-Contact Spatial


General Section Issues

Most of these make no sense in front of a selbri with "mi" in the
bridi, because you can't be (for example) above yourself, so "mi
ga'u zutse" doesn't seem possible.

  • They make perfect sense. The implicitly tagged sumti is understood from context. "mi ga'u zutse" expands to "lo nu mi zutse cu gapru (zo'e)". This zo'e is usually understood to be the position of the speaker, just like the default for "pu" is the time of the speaker. However, here it very clearly means "I sit above (something)." --selpa'i

Does "ri'u do" mean "on your right", or "rightwards of you relative to the speaker"? Whichever it means, we need a way to say the other without leaving tenses.

  • I would think {ri'u do} would be the latter, while {do ri'u} is the former. - .aionys.




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