BPFK Section: Nonce Connectives

  • Outstanding issues (to be fix in the mega-vote, if not sooner).
    • The grizis example should be s/za'e la/la za'e/


Proposed Definitions And Examples








  • A usage convention for superscript would be *lovely*, but no ideas are coming to mind.


  • Despite xi causing bizarre interactions in mekso, I honestly can't think of anything interesting to say about it.




  • ba'e should be basically unchanged, except for clarification.


  • zei structures are now a single word for purposes of following magic words.


  • IMO, this is well worth having a defined precedence in all cases.


Proposed New cmavo


  • Another member of ZEI with reverse-order modified-modifier semantics.
    • The shepherd doesn't consider this terribly important, but it certainly would help match the rest of the language, which is very configurable.
    • "broda zei co zei brode" has been suggested for this usage. Should I write that up as a usage convention?


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