BPFK Section: Realis Attitudinals



































































  • iu cu'i was removed from the list because the keyword "no love lost" was too confusing, its meaning is fairly obvious anyway, and no usage was found.


  • .u'u cu'i and .u'u nai were interchanged.


Section Issues


  • The realis/irrealis distinction(external link) has been rather hotly debated over the years. It is my ( Lindar ) opinion that the reality/irreality of the UI is dependent upon the reality/irreality of the jufra, and can be indicated with da'i/da'inai or some other kind of marker. This way ni'o .a'o mi klama can mean I hope I go. in one instance and I'm going, about which I feel hopeful. for another, rather than being restricted to one meaning.





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