names of lerfu: letter plus script

As a way of avoiding using script shifts (selma'o BY1), and of having to memorise Old Church Slavonic names for Cyrillic, and heaven knows what we'd do with Arabic "teh",

I (nitcion) propose the following sleazy lerfu cmene scheme:

  • Cy/V name of lerfu, per normal Lojban
  • + CC or CVC for script provenance. With the following list pulled out of thin air:


  • Roman: l (from lo'a)
  • Greek: g (from ge'o)
  • Cyrillic: r (from ru'o)
  • Arabic: x (from xrabo)
  • Hebrew: j (from je'o)
  • Armenian: dj (from xadjestan?)
  • Georgian: k
  • Devanagari: d
  • Katakana: p (from ponjo)
  • Hiragana: pix (ponjo xiraganan... Oh, whatever)

Which would mean

  • Roman b: by or byl.bu
  • Greek beta: ge'o by or betas.bu or byg.bu
  • Cyrillic be: ru'o by or bukys.bu or byr.bu
  • Arabic beh: jo'o by or byx.bu
  • Hebrew bet: je'o by or bet.bu or byj.bu
  • Devanagari ba: zai.devanagar.bu by or byd.bu

I mean, it can't be any more broken than the current system...


What about just using Unicode character codes? me'o se'erenodaugai would be the euro sign. Arabic beh would be me'o se'enoxarebi. And so on. mi'e filip

we can already do so; but numbers have no mnemonic value. The Unicode mailing list sees a fair bit of codes, but I think the majority of usage is still names (and the standard provides both.) — n.

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