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la .nomik. ve cu'u la .tikis. po'o

rlpowell posts: 14214

On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 06:10:39AM -0700,
> Re: la .nomik. ve cu'u la .tikis. po'o
> > .i dei cu se kelci
> Can utterances be toys, or even games? Maybe, but I think {la'e
> dei} is closer to what is meant here.

In this *particular* case, that's a tough call, and one I don't
agree with, because the entirety of the game is modifying the

> {curmi} means "allows" not "is allowed to".

Ah, point.

> > ro kelci xe flalu lo nu ro kelci cu ciska lo cmene be ri le
> > cmene liste be la .tikik.nomik.
> ro kelci cu xe flalu

  • Gah*.

> I don't follow what it says from {.o nai} on. {.onai} connects {lo
> nu ro da poi flalu ...} with {lu ro kelci li'u po ...}, which
> seems very odd.

No, it doesn't. It connects {lo liste be ...} with {lu ro ...}.
The vau closes the poi.

Actually, it's connecting lo kelci with lu ro. Oops. s/vau/be'o/.
Oh, it needs *TWO* be'o. Jesus fucking christ. Order reversed.

OMFG, would you look at that, a use for ge'u. w00t.

> > ro kelci xe flalu lo nu ro kelci cu ka'e jmina lo vo'a cmene lo
> > cmene liste ni'i lo nu lo kelci cu tugni lo srana flalu
> {vo'a} gets its referent from the outer bridi. Does this mean
> everyone could add anyone else's name to the list?


ro da.

> > ro kelci xe flalu lo nu lo cmene liste poi vasru ro cmene poi se
> > vasru le cmene liste be la .tikik.nomik. cu dunli lu ro kelci
> > li'u gi'e ro kelci ka'e lo nu canja lo mulno liste lu ro kelci
> > li'u
> {gi'e} can only connect bridi-tails, not full bridi.

Err. I have no idea how to fix this.



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